Bonus shop

Service and Conditions

Delivery and handling of all orders from the Heuver Bonusshop will be in the hands of Sparco International B.V. in Soest. For questions about your order or questions about defective products, please contact Sparco International.

The gifts will be delivered by our partner, Sparco International. The gifts will be delivered within an average of 10 working days, with a maximum delivery time of 4 weeks. If you have questions about your order or the delivery thereof, you can contact Sparco International, in English or in Dutch, at e-mail address service@sparco.nl, stating Heuver Bonusshop.

Product not available
In the unlikely event that a product no longer appears to be available, an equivalent alternative product will be searched for. In the event that no equivalent alternative product is available, you will be advised of this. You can then choose for another item or to have your points paid back.

Product return
When you have ordered a gift, this order is final. The order may no longer be changed nor returned following receipt, without express permission of Sparco International

Product defect
If you have noted a defect in a product, you can contact Sparco International, in English or in Dutch, at e-mail address service@sparco.nl, stating Heuver Bonusshop. Sparco International will then assess the best way to solve this problem. If it is decided that the product needs to be returned to Sparco International (for repair or exchange), the product can be sent to International Sparco.

Validity of points
Points saved are valid up to two years after issuance. You should therefore redeem your points within two years. After this period you can no longer claim expired points.

General Terms and Conditions
The following conditions apply with the Heuver Bonusshop:

  1. Between Participant and services company Sparco, a Purchase Agreement comes into being to which the General Terms and Conditions of Sparco apply. The points value of the product is determined by the purchase price as in force at the time the Purchase Agreement between Participant and Sparco comes into being.
  2. Heuver and Sparco are not obliged to pay the value of all or part of the offered goods in cash.
  3. In exceptional circumstances Heuver and Sparco reserve the right to award no points or to deduct points.
  4. Heuver and Sparco are not liable for any taxation that may ensue for the participant resulting from their participation in the Heuver Bonusshop.
  5. Employees of Heuver and Sparco are excluded from participating in the Heuver Bonusshop.
  6. We strive to deliver the goods within 4 weeks.
  7. Defects in the delivered items must be reported within seven days by registered mail to Sparco International BV, stating the Heuver Bonusshop of Sparco. It is not permitted to return the goods without the express consent of Sparco International. This consent is given only in the case of manufacturing and / or delivery faults. The goods in question must be returned in the original packaging and with the original packing slip.
  8. Sparco does not give any warranty regarding the quality and / or availability of the goods offered as part of the Heuver Bonusshop, without prejudice to the legal warranty of the supplier of those goods.
  9. Sparco is not responsible for typing and printing errors in the Heuver Bonusshop.
  10. It is incumbent upon the Participant themself to send in any forms related to warranty. In any event, the Participant may never assert more rights towards Sparco International BV than follow from the warranties issued by the supplier of the product. The delivery note supplied by Sparco forms part of the proof of warranty.
  11. These general terms and conditions of the Heuver Bonusshop are additional conditions to the General Terms and Conditions of Sale of Sparco International BV, as filed with the Chamber of Commerce in Hilversum on September 10, 2001, No. 32082423. Sparco is never liable for consequential damages or lost profits. Sparco's liability in all cases is limited to the amount of the invoiced value of the article ordered by the Participant.
  12. By participating in the Heuver Bonusshop, the Participant automatically agrees to these terms.