Expert advice for Agricultural tyres

There are no other tyres which require such specialist knowledge as Tractor and other Agricultural tyres. For this reason Heuver Tyrewholesale has a team of experienced specialists at their disposal. They are able to find you the best agricultural tyre for each unique situation.

A selection of our Agricultural Tyres

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The range of Agricultural tyres on offer is enormous but by asking you the right questions, we will soon be able to find the correct tyre. Are you looking for tractor tyres? Or tyres for an agricultural trailer? Must the tyre be suitable for high speeds? What is the rolling circumference? Are you looking for new, used or reclaimed tyres?

Our brands of Tractor Tyres and other Agricultural Tyres

Heuver Tyrewholesale is a supplier of all known brands with agricultural tyres in their range. But you can also choose from our own import brands. These are reliable alternatives which are nowadays much respected in Europe. Apart from new tyres, we also have a wide range of used tyres and wheel rims, as well as various reclaimed tyres. As a result of our close collaboration with Profile Tyrecenter we are able to offer you excellent service, including tyre fitting and a mobile breakdown service.


In some cases remoulding an old agricultural tyre is the best option. It can even be that this is the only option when the desired profile is no longer made as a 'new' tyre. We therefore specialise in the development and production of special profiles. With our experience and know-how, we are able to tailor the profiles completely to your needs.

Custom made profiles are applied to existing, approved carcasses. Heuver Tyrewholesale uses highly technical and high quality processes together with detailed inspections. We determine the specifications together with the client and in this way we create an agricultural tyre which is specifically equipped for its unique task. Whether these tyres are intended for lawns, sports fields, grassland or farmland.


It is not always necessary to replace a damaged tyre. In many cases an expert repair by way of vulcanisation will suffice. All types of tyres are repaired under guarantee, which means that they are fully reusable. As your business partner we are happy to offer you this service as it will provide you with a direct cost saving on tractor and other agricultural tyres!