Barkley BLA02: The 70-Series

We’ve got an important announcement to make! We share this with you because we believe it could also give you quite a few extra opportunities. From now on, we will serve as exclusive importer and distributor of the agricultural tyre brand Barkley.

Excellent price/quality ratio

‘Price & quality’ often play a decisive role when selecting tyres. Barkley is a very promising and ambitious agricultural tyre brand and is synonymous with an excellent price/quality ratio. The exclusive contract we have signed for the European market has allowed us to add another attractive brand to our comprehensive range.

Feel the difference

We selected Barkley because the brand can guarantee high quality and a wide range of tyres. The tyres are very convincing in terms of use, traction and life-span and offer genuine ‘value for money’. And that's why we always say: Barkley - feel the difference!

Many sizes

Barkley has allowed us to add excellent radial agricultural tyres to our range, which are available in the 65, 70 and 85 series. The 80 and 90 series will follow very soon. Thanks to an excellent profile, with overlapping and continuous ridges, these tyres offer traction and stability on and off road, even at low tyre pressures. The tyres ensure superb performance in terms of comfort, operating hours and fuel consumption, and can be mounted on standard wheel rims. Barkley tyres are suitable for farmyard terrains, fields and meadows.