If you are looking for an inexpensive alternative with a good performance, then you should consider Dneproshina.

About the company
Dneproshina is one of the Ukraine’s biggest tyre manufacturers. Dneproshina supplies a wide range of tyres to the international market with over 150 tyre types. They also manufacture 2,000 items of rubber technical goods. All these goods are adapted equally to national and international service requirements.

Dneproshina produces tyres for mining, constructive vehicles, tractors, trucks, loaders and more. Dneproshina also works with us, so you can buy Dneproshina tyres through us by visiting the web shop.

View our web shop
Our web shop is available 24/7 to find out which Dneproshina tyres we currently have on offer. In order to view more specific information, you will first need to fill out the registration form. You will then be given permission to order Dneproshina tyres online. Heuver is the only business partner you need for every type and size of tyre for earthmoving equipment, agriculture and trucks.

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