Heuver distributes a comprehensive range of Jantsa wheels. If Heuver has a tyre for which a suitable wheel cannot be found in the standard range, then it can always approach the R&D department at Jantsa. As an extra service, Heuver off ers its customers the opportunity to have tyres mounted on wheels before they are delivered.

The latter, Jantsa, a major wheel rim manufacturer from Turkey, manufactures more than 200 different types and 2,000 different sizes of wheel rims. If you are unable to find the required type or size, please contact our Agricultural department.

About Jantsa 

Jantsa is one of the world’s top brands. It's a Turkish company with an extensive range of agricultural wheel rims. Heuver supplies more than 20 different types of steel wheel rims for agricultural, earthmoving or road transport applications.

Delivery programme & orders

Heuver uses Jantsa’s comprehensive range to offer more than 60 types of wheels for trucks, agricultural vehicles and earth-moving machines; all the latest sizes are in stock and specifi c sizes can be ordered easily.

If you don’t have any specific questions, but wish to know what Jantsa wheels and wheel rims Heuver has in stock, please visit our web shop. Fill out the registration form to see more product information and place your order online.