One of the characteristics of the agricultural industry is diversity: land, crops, men, machines, cultivation methods, climate... Michelin has developed a comprehensive range of agricultural tyres designed to suit every machine and application, and thereby provide a definitive solution to the farmer's needs.

Agricultural tyre production
As mentioned above, Michelin produces agricultural tyres in just about every type and size imaginable. If the size or type you need isn't available, please contact Heuver’s Truck department.
Michelin is the crème de la crème in agricultural tyres. The tyres last an extremely long time thanks to their potential for re-profiling and re-treading. Michelin agricultural tyres are additionally extremely energy efficient and provide elevated levels of safety.

What kind of agricultural tyre are you looking for?
Find our complete and current supply of Michelin agricultural tyres in Heuver’s web shop. If you are already registered, you have access to more product information and can order tyres online. If you have any questions about our supply of Michelin agricultural tyres, or indeed any other brand, please contact one of our staff. Heuver tyre wholesalers is your willing business partner.