Michelin is the major brand in agricultural tyre field. Michelin tyres reduce damage to the soil structure, can be used at low tyre pressures and provide a high degree of stability. Michelin has a wide range of truck and agricultural trailer tyres including the Michelin xzy tyre.

Features of the Michelin XZY 3 tyre
The Michelin XZY 3 tyre is an all-position radial designed for exceptional wear and traction in mixed on/off road applications.

  • 24/32nd tread depth for long life (315/80R22.5 has 23/32nd's)
  • +11% increase in tread volume for increased mileage and improved durability
  • +5% in tread width, +4% in tread depth, +2% in net contact area (when compared to Michelin XZY -2 tyre).
  • New tread compound offers excellent protection against chipping and scaling.
  • Maximized soft soil and mud traction throughout the tyre life as the ribs and shoulder edges retain their deep notches.
  • Rounded bead toe for easy mounting and dismounting as well as help in reducing bead damage.
  • Extra-robust four steel belt construction for excellent re-treadability (315/80R22.5 has three steel belts).

Ordering Michelin XZY tyres
In order to view more information on the benefits of a Michelin XZY, you will first need to fill out the registration form. You will then be given permission to order Michelin XZY tyres online. Heuver is the only business partner you will ever need.