Altura is exclusively imported by Heuver. This renowned Indian brand allows Heuver to off er a wide range of tyres for earth-moving machines and agricultural vehicles. Altura manufactures high-quality diagonal tyres, which can also be used for industrial purposes. They can also withstand the rigours of daily use thanks to their nylon carcase. We only focus on specific sections of Altura’s comprehensive earth-moving range. And because we buy directly from the factory under improved conditions, we are able to off er Altura tyres at a very competitive price. The range features various sizes and profi les.

About Altura

Altura is a brand produced by Ceat - one of the largest tyre manufacturers in India. Ceat was founded in 1958 and is part of RPG Enterprises; this is one of the largest trading companies in the country. Ceat/Altura employs around 6,000 people in 5 factories (3 in India; 2 in Sri Lanka). The brand is India’s largest tyre exporter and manufacturers over 10 million tyres each year. Altura is are focussing on all types of tyres, from agricultural, EM and truck tyres, to tyres for passenger vehicles.

Delivery programme & orders

Altura allows us to deliver high quality tyres for various purposes. We have decided to focus on specific earth-moving and agricultural tyres from their comprehensive range of tyres for the domestic and international market.