Bridgestone OTR tyres are known for their safety and outstanding quality. Heuver tyre wholesalers carries many types and sizes of this renowned top quality brand in stock. Visit our website to see our wide range of products. Bridgestone is a world leader in the field of OTR Tyres. The complete assortment consists of approximately 50 different patterns, including radial as well as diagonal constructions.

Bridgestone OTR is one of the top brands in truck and trailer tyres. Bridgestone was established in 1931, making it Japan's oldest tyre producer. Bridgestone OTR is known for their good quality, safe tyres due to their years of tyre-producing experience.

Bridgestone OTR for trucks and earthmovers
Bridgestone OTR has a wide range of tyres for trailers and earthmovers. They are the world leader in the off-road tyre market with more than 50 various patterns. Your customer, no matter if they are driving long distances over asphalt or performing heavy duty work on loose soil, can always rely on Bridgestone quality tyres.

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Find our complete and current supply of Bridgestone OTR tyres for trucks and earthmovers in our web shop. If you are already registered, you have access to more product information and can order tyres online. If you have any questions about our supply of Bridgestone OTR tyres, or indeed any other brand, please contact one of our staff. Heuver tyre wholesalers is your willing business partner.