Ecomega is manufacturer of OTR tyres for every type of application and produces OTR tyres in every standard size. If you can't find the type or size you are looking for, please contact our OTR tyre department.

Ecomega allows us to off er our customers a superb choice of industrial and port tyres. For example, we can offer 18.00-33 tyres for container handlers, reach stackers and straddle carriers. Ecomega is a specialist in these sectors and offers you – and your customers – a great product with a fantastic price/quality ratio. In years to come, Ecomega will be working unrelentingly to expand its range further.

The Italian brand Ecomega was founded Ecomega in 1980, when a brand-new range of OTR Tyres was developed to satisfy the changing needs of a market in constant evolution. Ecomega manufactures OTR tyres for every kind of application and for every type of OTR vehicle.

Delivery programme & orders

We can wholeheartedly recommend Ecomega tyres. The brand is making great strides and will be making waves in the very near future. We have decided to offer part of their standard range, but we can also resolve specifi c requests together with Ecomega.

Order Ecomega tyres online

If you don’t have any specific questions, but wish to know what Ecomega tyres Heuver has in stock, please visit our web shop. Fill out the registration form to see more product information and place your order online.