Maxfield Remoulded

Here you can view the up-to-date range of Maxfield remoulded OTR tyres. Maxfield remoulded OTR tyres are high-quality remoulds on A-brand casings and available in all Michelin profiles. If you are unable to find the type or size tyre that you require, you can always contact our OTR tyre department.

Maxfield is our house brand of remoulded OTR tyres. For the remoulded OTR tyres we use original Michelin or Bridgestone casings and offer all standard Michelin profiles.

Maxfield Remoulded OTR tyres

In the earth-moving market, there is sometimes demand for high quality tyres, but they do not necessarily have to be new. And that’s when our in-house brand Maxfield comes in handy! Our Maxfi eld tyres incorporate the quality of new tyres with the attractive prices offered by used tyres. Maxfi eld uses fi rst-grade casings to create renewed tyres of the very highest standard. In addition, the tyres only require 30% of the raw materials needed to manufacture completely new tyres. And this benefits the environment!

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