Based on its years of experience, Aeolus develops and produces the highest quality truck tyres. A wide range of tyres that really meet market demand, in all the required sizes and treads. These are the core values of Aeolus.

Aeolus tyres are the alternative in addition to – and, in many cases, in preference to – the better-known brands. The quality of Aeolus tyres provides an absolute advantage in optimising the efficiency of every kind of operation. Aeolus tyres distinguish themselves in daily use through the combination of high wear resistance, safe handling and low depreciation. At the same time Aeolus not only offers an efficient Breakdown Service but also a separate Casing Warranty. Whoever is looking for the best quality and highest efficiency, opts for Aeolus, not without reason known as the Alternative!

Heuver is an exclusive importer of Aeolus Truck tyres. Aeolus offers a complete range of Truck tires. For further information about the available types and sizes, you can have a look at the brochures or visit the dedicated Aeolus website:

About Aeolus

Aeolus Tyre Co., Ltd. was founded in 1965(Jiaozuo, China) and exported its first tyres in 1998. Aeolus is among the top 5 tyre manufacturers in China and is in the top 20 at worldwide level. Important key values for Heuver and Aeolus in Europe are quality, innovation, life-span, cost price and competitive market price for the widest possible range of tyres, in every sector.

Delivery programme & orders

Heuver supplies a very wide range of Aeolus truck tyres, like for international transport, regional transport, on/off road and city transport. Aeolus tyres always offer:

  • High quality & High kilometre effi ciency;
  • Low rolling resistance & Excellent traction;
  • Excellent resistance against damage & Safe during use;
  • Suitable for re-profi ling & Suitable for renewal.

Further information about Aeolus tyres, including prices and current stocks, can be found in our webshop!

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