Athlete Wheels

Heuver is the exclusive European importer and distributor for Athlete Wheels, which is its own brand of metal wheels. Thanks to close collaboration with the factory and eff ective insight into market needs, we can offer a comprehensive range of wheels which meet the latest trends in the European market. The Athlete Wheels range features high quality metal wheels for trucks and trailers. And quality is our first priority. That is why the Athlete Wheels range has passed all TüV and ISO tests, as well as a salt-spray test (in accordance with DIN EN ISO9227) by DEKRA.

About Athlete Wheels

Athlete Wheels manufactures over 20 million wheels in 500 different versions, which can be used for e.g. trucks and trailers. In terms of the European market, Heuver has over 70,000 wheels in stock at its warehouses in Hardenberg (Netherlands) and Bayreuth (Germany). In the meantime, the range is also available in sizes 11.75-19.5 ET120 and 14.00-19.5 ET120 for the latest BPW Ecodisc axles. Athlete Wheels and Heuver work closely to identify the latest trends and produce their wheels accordingly.

Delivery programme & orders

We also off er our customers a comprehensive service package: ordered truck tyres can be delivered after being mounted on Athlete wheels. If required, they can also be delivered directly to the end customer.