Flotation tyres available at Heuver

When tyre manufacturers went about creating flotation tyres, the goal was to create a tyre that would reduce rutting and soil compaction when used with agricultural equipment. Flotation tyres not only affected the tyre industry, they also gained popularity among farmers.

While the design of flotation tyres is unique, the tyres have their own system of measurement, which can be difficult to understand for those who have not encountered flotation sizing before. The experts at Heuver are happy to give you advice in that area.

A few tips in advance

  • Both height and width play a role in how effective flotation tyres are. If crops don't allow for wide tyres, going higher will still reduce soil compaction.
  • You must check your flotation tyres weekly for damage and loss of air pressure for maximum performance. 

Order your flotation tyres through our website

If you wish to know what kind of flotation tyres Heuver has in stock, please visit our webshop. Fill out the registration form to see more product information and place your order online. Should you have any questions, or want more advice, please feel free to contact one of our expert staff.