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Aeolus (China) has introduced a range of low-loader tyres in the Netherlands and across Europe. This is Aeolus’ response to the ever-increasing demand for these tyres from European companies in the transport business. This line’s expansion signifies China’s increasing presence in the European industrial tyre market. Aeolus has selected Heuver to provide these industrial tyre supplies in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Austria, Denmark and France.

Aeolus low-loader tyres

Aeolus low-loader tyres have been specially designed for their high load capacity and are suitable for long-distance transport. Heuver supplies this specific type of industrial tyre, for those in the special transport business. Heuver has been taking on the “European” Aeolus industrial tyre supply for quite some time now - much to the satisfaction of our customers.

Our customers are usually very pro-Aeolus and we are now able to serve them better when it comes to industrial tyre supplies. It goes without saying that these tyres have all the typical Aeolus qualities, like excellent wear resistance, long-distance performance, low roll resistance and excellent grip. In addition, these tyres are suitable for reconditioning and re-treading.

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