315/80R22.5 CONTINENTAL HYBRID HD3 156/150L TL M+S

This Continental tyre is suitable for the Drive axle for Regional transport. With a label value of B in the category grip on wet roads, the tyre is very good. Furthermore, with a rolling noise of 73 db this tyre is very quiet. The maximum load capacity is 4000 - 120 kmh per tyre for single mountingand 3350 - 120 kmh when double mounted The maximum speed is 120 kmph The tyre has a tread depth of 20.0 mm, weighs 70.5 kilograms and should be driven with a tyre pressure of 9.0 bar.

Product specifications

Size 315/80R22.5
Profile HYBRID HD3
Recommended rim 9.00 - 22.5
Rolling resistance D
Wet grip B
Sound 73 db (1)


Quick search code B31580225COLHD301
Brand Continental
Profile HYBRID HD3
Load index 156/150
Speed index L
Load / Speed Index 156/150L
Axle position
Application Regional
Radial / Diagonal radial
Recommended rim 9.00 - 22.5
Single load capacity (Kg - Km/h) 4000 - 120
Dual load capacity (Kg - Km/h) 3350 - 120
M + S M+S


Width (mm) 312
Size 315/80R22.5
Height/width ratio 80
Inch 22.5
Diameter (mm) 1076
Loaded radius (mm) 500
Rolling circumference (mm) 3282
Tread (mm) 20.0
Air pressure (bar) 9.0
Weight (kg) 70.5


Rolling resistance D
Wet grip B
Sound 73 db (1)