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445/95R25 TRIANGLE TB586 177E *** E2 TL

This 25 inch 445/95 Triangle TB586 has a width of 432 mm and a diameter of 1493 mm. The maximum speed is 70 km/h, at which the tyre can carry a load corresponding to its load index, 7.300 KG The tyre has a tread depth of 24.0 mm, weighs 222.08 kilograms and should be driven with a tyre pressure of 9.0 bar. the best rim for 445/95R25 Triangle TB586 is a 11.25 - 25/2.0

Product specifications

Size 445/95R25
Pattern TB586
Load / Speed Index 177E
Diameter (mm) 1493
Width (mm) 432
Tread (mm) 24.0

Technical properties


Quick search code B44595025TGE58600
Brand Triangle
Season N/A
Origin tyres New
Runflat no
Pattern TB586
Load index 177
Speed index E
Load / Speed Index 177E
Star rating ***
Application Mobile crane
Radial / Diagonal radial
Recommended rim 11.25 - 25/2.0
Single load capacity (Kg - Km/h) 7300 - 70


Tyre Width 445
Aspect ratio % 95
Size 445/95R25
Height/width ratio 95
Inch 25
Diameter (mm) 1493
Width (mm) 432
Loaded radius (mm) 682
Tread (mm) 24.0
Air pressure (bar) 9.0
Weight (kg) 222.08

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