7.50-18 SUPERKING 3-RIB 106A8 8PR TT

This diagonal tyre by Superking has a 3-RIB tread and a load/speed index of 106A8. The tyre has a tread depth of 19.0 mm, weighs 26.98 kilogram and should be driven with a tyre pressure of 3.7 bar. The maximum speed is 40 km/h

Technical properties


Quick search code B07500018SK08RIB00
Brand Superking
Profile 3-RIB
Load / Speed Index 106A8
Ply rating 8
Radial / Diagonal diagonal
Recommended rim 5.50 - 18
Single load capacity (Kg - Km/h) 950 - 40


Width (mm) 204
Size 7.50-18
Inch 18
Diameter (mm) 859
Rolling circumference (mm) 2594
Tread (mm) 19.0
Air pressure (bar) 3.7