Extra-wide pattern surface offers benefits

Standard, IF and VF tyres are common in the farming business. But IF and VF tyres (Increased Flexion and Very High Flexion respectively) are increasing in popularity. And there's a good reason for this! Everyone knows about the properties of standard tyres. But IF tyres are flexible and offer extra agility. And VF tyres are even more agile and offer a number of benefits. Read more about these tyres below.
Extra-wide pattern surface offers benefits


Increasing economies of scale mean tractors and machines are having to cover greater distances on the road. And larger equipment is needed if this is to be done in an efficient manner. As a result, tractors are becoming bigger and bigger, with more powerful engines. This means time can be saved by driving faster. However, tyres must be able to deal with these new circumstances while remaining effective off-road and minimising damage in fields, and without making concessions in load-bearing capacity.

More grip

IF and VF tyres are the ideal solution. They can be used at lower tyre pressures, offer better load-bearing capacity and are more flexible. A wider and flatter pattern is created when tyre pressure is reduced. This is particularly handy in fields because it offers a larger contact surface. These tyres thus offer more grip, cause less soil compaction and reduce fuel consumption. 

Tyre inflation system

IF and VF tyres can be used on standard rims. It is wise to modify tyre pressure, particularly when it comes to VF tyres. They offer around 30 to 40% higher load-bearing capacity at the same tyre pressure as standard tyres. Or in other words: tyre pressure can be 30 to 40% lower than standard tyres under the same circumstances. 
If these tyres are connected to a tyre inflation system, like that of PTG, you can drive with lower pressure in fields (more traction and less damage and fuel) and with higher pressure on the road. This will give you a smaller contact surface, which reduces fuel consumption and wear and tear. In practice, these properties mean the tyre will offer a longer life-span. 

Our experts are familiar with all tyres and will gladly help you find the most suitable option for your specific situation.