IF and VF tyres reduce soil compaction

In recent years, farming companies have had to farm ever larger agricultural areas. This trend has come about because the number of farming companies has decreased, while the total agricultural area has remained the same. This has increased travelled distances, while harvest size has also increased. New machines are thus being developed to deal with the latest time and production-related demands. As a result, they are becoming more powerful, larger and heavier, and pressure on the soil, as well as efficiency, is increasing.
IF and VF tyres reduce soil compaction

These new conditions are leading to a new way of working, which means new and modern machines are essential to go from one plot of land to another, to transport larger loads efficiently and to speed up the whole process. But these new machines are larger and heavier; often a lot heavier. This is barely noticeable on the road, but it has a major impact on soil compaction when out in the fields.

Tyres also developing

If you mount your previous radial tyres on your new, heavier machines, this will lead to major soil compaction. In response to larger tractors and machines, IF and VF tyres were developed a few years ago. In the meantime, all major brands offer these tyres.

IF and VF

The IF or VF sign can be found before the tyre's size marking. IF stands for Increased Flexion and indicates that the tyre is capable of bearing 20% more weight compared to same-sized standard radial tyres. VF stands for Very Increased Flexion, which means these tyres are able to bear 40% more weight. Both types of tyres help to reduce soil compaction, which helps to improve harvesting efficiency.


IF tyres have better sidewall flexibility - at the same circumference - compared to standard tyres. Such tyres can bear a load increase of up to 20%, or 20% more weight can be added to the tractor, without having to increase tyre pressure. This helps to improve efficiency.

Like IF tyres, VF tyres have the same circumference as standard radial tyres, but can carry similar loads with up to 40% less tyre pressure. Or in other words, they can carry up to 40% more load without making concessions in grip and driving comfort.

Larger footprint

The main advantage of Very High Flexion (VF) tyres is that the same tyre pressure can be kept at all speeds. In addition, the larger footprint of these tyres reduces soil compaction and improves mobility in tough and moist soil conditions. 

Besides higher load capacity at lower tyre pressure, the use of IF and VF tyres also helps to maximise harvesting efficiency. These tyres reduce soil compaction, which means less damage is caused to crops compared to standard radial tyres.