Nothing grows in tyre tracks

Soil compaction is an important term in the farming business. It’ is thus essential to pay attention to track forming (or soil compaction) because nothing grows in tyre tracks! However, IF and VF tyres can help you to avoid compaction-related problems.
Nothing grows in tyre tracks

Economic damage

The issue of soil compaction involves examining the soil type, water balance, type of crop and loadability of the soil. When agricultural machines repeatedly drive back and forth, this squashes (compacts) soil and leads to track forming. This has a major impact on water balance and the growth of crops. This leads to economic damage because fewer crops are harvested. In addition, related repair activities like milling and/or ploughing require extra time and extra fuel. It is thus very important to avoid soil compaction caused by track forming.

Higher resistance

Everyone knows that nothing grows in deep tyre tracks. And tracks cause fuel costs to rise because tractors and farming equipment encounter higher resistance. Soil is compacted fairly easily, particularly in the spring; when soil is still relatively wet and unable to withstand heavy loads. And if you drive into a field with thin(ner) tyres, you end up sinking deep into the soil. When it comes to such wet conditions, we recommend wider tyres with higher volume, which are less likely to sink into the soil. 

IF and VF tyres

If you select the right tyres, you can avoid (deep) track forming without making concessions in load-bearing capacity. For example, consider IF and VF tyres. They can deal with the same loads with lower tyre pressure, or higher loads with the same tyre pressure. If tyre pressure is reduced, you make no concessions in load-bearing capacity, while getting a wider contact surface. This larger, wider contact area allows the tyres to spare the soil because compaction is significantly reduced. In addition, the tyre retains its excellent grip and helps to save fuel because track forming is minimised.

Extensive choice

Our range offers an extensive choice for every purpose and every surface. If you would like to know more about our brands - Michelin, Trelleborg, Pirelli, Alliance (Benelux only), Aeolus, Barkley and MRL, please feel free to contact our experts. They will be pleased to assist you!