Pressure control system for agricultural tyres

No matter which tyres you choose, it is always about finding the ideal balance between load per tyre in kg, speed in km/h and air pressure. Do you need lower tyre pressure in fields and a higher tyre pressure on hardened surfaces because you need to drive faster? And do you often switch between roads and fields? Then a tyre inflation system is ideal for your situation. This allows you to increase or decrease tyre pressure when you are stationary or even when driving. And there is even no need for you to leave the cab. This saves you a lot of time and effort

Switching between field and transport work

The tyre inflation system allows you to always maximise the potential of your tyres. You can drive on roads with high pressure and decrease it once you enter the field, increasing the contact surface and offering better protection to the soil. This system is mainly appealing for large self-driving harvesting machines, fertilisers and heavy tractors and trailers that perform a lot of combined field and transport work.

Overview of your savings

In the field, the tyre inflation system reduces fuel consumption by 7% to 10% (source: Stichting SVOB). On the road, fuel savings are determined by the situation: with only a tractor, you save 5%; with more equipment you save 12% and with a trailer you save 17%. In addition, the tyre inflation system helps to reduce tyre wear & tear by 30%. Of course, you also save time and the reduction in soil compaction helps to improve your yield by a few percent.

In short: a great investment.

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