Protect your soil against compaction

Soil compaction; a term you will have encountered increasingly often in recent years. But what does it mean exactly? Our specialists will gladly provide an explanation!

Reduction in soil quality

Healthy soil consists of earth, air, water and other organic matter. Track-forming due to heavy machines or high tyre pressure disturbs the balance between these factors. And this results in soil compaction: a reduction in soil quality. Of course, you want to avoid this wherever possible. And you want to keep the soil as healthy as possible and maximise the yield from your land. We will help you achieve this with tips and advice.

Larger contact surface = less soil compaction

Lower tyre pressure helps to increase the contact surface. Certain tyres can be very useful on this
front. For instance, wider tyres with a large air chamber.

If a tractor features standard tyres (e.g. 520/85R38) and creates excessive track-forming, you can opt to mount wider tyres like the 650/65R38. This will help to decrease the pressure placed on the soil. After all, tyre pressure and air volume determine the load-bearing capacity of a tyre. And lower pressure can be realised by increasing air volume, because both factors are always inter-related.

Questions about soil compaction?

Then please feel free to contact us for more information. Our specialists will be pleased to answer your questions about soil compaction.