The ideal tyre pressure for your agricultural tyres

Tyre pressure. It sounds simple. And it is simple, as long as you know the ideal pressure for each situation. If tyre pressure is a little too high or too low, this can have a major impact on the work you carry out. Naturally, we are pleased to share our thoughts!
The ideal tyre pressure for your agricultural tyres

Three-way relationship

Standard tyres have the ideal balance between load per tyre in kg, speed in km/h and air pressure. This three-way relationship ensures ideal ease of use. If you adjust one of these factors, e.g. higher maximum speed while the load remains the same, then tyre pressure must also be adjusted. An example can be found in the table below. If you still have questions, you can always contact us for tailor-made advice!

Narrow Rim Option

IF and VF are mounted on a wider rim than standard radial tyres. Why? To increase air volume and maintain the stability of the tyre. If manufacturers develop the tyres with a Narrow Rim Option (NRO), they can be mounted on a narrower rim than recommended. This makes it easier to switch from standard tyres to IF or VF tyres and reduces total investment. An example can be found in the table below.

Please note: NRO is not available for every brand or size. To ensure tyre stability, tyres must often be used with a higher tyre pressure than one would normally use for IF and VF tyres.

Loading capacity (kg) at tyre inflation pressure (bar)
KM/h 1 1,3 1,6 2
10 4820 5680 6430 7180
15 4500 5300 6000 6700
20 4500 5300 6000 6700
65 4500 5300 6000 6700
70 4100 4820 5460 6100


Do you have questions about the ideal tyre pressure?

Then please feel free to contact us for more information. Our specialists will be pleased to answer your questions about tyre pressure.