Tips for wheel mounting

You must take several essential factors into account when mounting (new) wheels. For instance, you must have a procedure for tightening bolts, which is based on a pre-determined sequence and particular values. We’ll give you a few tips!


Wheel bolts must be tightened step by step, switching diagonally between bolts each time; until the required value has been achieved. Damaged or rusty bolts should be replaced with new ones. Torque values can be found under the technical data in the vehicle handbook.

Double check wheel bolts

Wheels are always treated with a base coat and top layer before delivery. Although this protects them, bolts can also wear down this protective layer over time; particularly if wheels are changed on a regular basis. So an extra check can’t do any harm.

Wheel bolts also need to 'settle' once they have been tightened. That is why wheel bolts must be checked after the first 50 to 100km on new vehicles or when tyres are changed. They will only be safe and correctly mounted after this check.

If the vehicle is being used in extreme conditions, we also recommend checking wheel bolts during routine checks.