Carefully choose OTR tyres

Tyre suitability is determined by the circumstances to which machines are exposed. In general, three factors are involved when selecting tyres: Machine, Deployment and TKPH (TMPH).
Carefully choose OTR tyres

Step 1

Although it may sound obvious, we think it is worth mentioning: the type of machine determines tyre suitability. For what is the machine being used and which requirements must the tyres meet? What are the factory specifications for tyres (size or sizes) and permitted loads, and how fast can the machine drive? The next step in selecting appropriate tyres can only be made once these details have been identified. Technical specifications, the purpose, length of use and the under-surface determine the most suitable tyre.

Step 2

The purpose of the tyre can be determined by the area where the tyre is used and the loads to which it is exposed. Important criteria include surface, grip and twisting and turning. These details in turn determine the rubber composition, profile type and profile depth. In this case, a distinction is made between normal tyres, tyres able to resist incisions and heat-resistant tyres. 
It is very important for selected OTR tyres to match the activities and surfaces for which they are intended. Normal tyres offer effective universal performance under standard conditions. 
If there are a lot of obstacles, which could result in damage, then it would be best to opt for tyres capable of withstanding incisions. Heat-resistant tyres are ideal for use on good surfaces, where above average speeds are realised. The more accurate the tyre choice, the better the machine performs.

Step 3

Finally, TKPH (TMPH) or Ton Kilometres (Miles) per Hour, plays a major part in the choice of tyre. Identical tyres in terms of profile and size may actually have a different rubber mix, which is determined by the individual TKPH.
This figure is determined by the load of the concerned tyre size and how many kilometres per hour it can realise, and is based on a standard environment temperature of 38oC.