Learn more about agricultural tyres

We have managed to gather a wealth of knowledge about agricultural tyres in the 55 years since we were founded. And we like sharing it so you can offer your customers the best possible support.

No other tyres require as much specialised know-how as agricultural tyres. That is why we have a team of experienced specialists. We will find appropriate agricultural tyres for every unique situation. Would you like more information about agricultural tyres? Then you have come to the right place! We like sharing our knowledge with you, so you always have access to the best advice about suitable tyres.

Choices in the field of agricultural tyres

You have to take many things into account if you want to select the best agricultural tyres for a specific purpose and/or surface. For example, whether you want IF and VF tyres that reduce soil compaction (read about compaction in this article) or whether you want a specific flotation tyre: all steel, steel belted or nylon. We are pleased to help you by providing appropriate information about agricultural tyres!

Mounting agricultural tyres and wheels

A lot of information has to be considered when it comes to mounting agricultural tyres. Of course, we can help you on this front too. We are pleased to fully inform you about mounting wheels on your vehicles. We also offer very helpful tips for wheel mounting.

Would you like to know more about aligning agricultural tyres or the ideal tyre pressure for agricultural tyres? You can find what you are looking for on our website. Finally, our article entitled ‘It's all about the wheel/rim’ offers rim-related information. Naturally, our specialists are always ready to assist you!

Tips for specific circumstances:

  • Agricultural sector | Alignment reduces costs
  • Solutions for difficult conditions
  • Tyres with water filling
  • TT (tube type) or TL (tubeless) tyres
  • Extra-wide pattern surface offers benefits
  • Prevent damage to agricultural and OTR tyres
  • What is the difference between radial tyres and diagonal tyres?
  • Transference ratio, rolling circumference and inter-axle ratio