Aeolus AEX1 major breakthrough for mobile excavators

-PRESS RELEASE- Aelous Tyres has worked closely with European importer Heuver Tyrewholesale to further expand its range of OTR and similar tyres. Introduction of the Aeolus AEX1 for mobile excavators appears to represent a real breakthrough. The tyre offers an ideal combination of top quality, durability and a competitive price. This high quality tyre could be a great addition to a segment with only a limited range of tyres. Although the tyre can be single-mounted, it generally tends to be double-mounted.

Perfect solution

Aeolus Tyres and Heuver Tyrewholesale, which has been European importer from the very outset, work very closely when defining the range for the European market. And the Aeolus AEX1 is the perfect example of this successful collaboration. It is a heavy-duty tyre for mobile excavators, which are not encountered very often. Bertus Heuver, director at Heuver Tyrewholesale: “If you want to be a successful brand, you must do more than just supply tyres in high-volume segments. You can thus prove your worth by also supplying top products in smaller segments. You can make a difference by profiling yourself as a comprehensive brand; this will allow you to also perform well in other areas. The Aeolus AEX1 is the perfect solution for mobile excavators and met specific needs as soon as it was introduced. This has allowed us to improve the service we offer to customers and proves that we can meet all customer requirements.”

Major contribution to performance

The Aeolus AEX1 is suitable for double mounting and that is how it is normally used. The reinforced side-wall structure makes it very robust and perfect for resisting incisions and damage. The casing helps to offer a lot of stability, while the profile has very good self-cleansing properties. The tyre is thus suitable for hard as well as soft surfaces.
The Aeolus AEX1 10.00-20 is 278 mm wide and has a diameter of 1055 mm. It has a profile depth of 22.5 mm and weighs 55.6 kilograms. The tyre is used with air pressure of 8.1 bar and is compatible with 7.00-20, 7.50-20 and 8.00-20 wheel rims.