Improved convenience thanks to extra category

For many years, it seemed appropriate to divide tyres into three segments: truck, agricultural and OTR. However, on the back of our extensive customer contact and comprehensive experience as total tyre supplier, we noticed that a slightly broader allocation would make things easier for everyone involved.


In practice, it became apparent that agricultural and earth-moving machines were increasingly being used outside their traditional sectors. This led to a shift in purpose and tyre-related requirements, while many tyres became suitable for a wider range of possibilities and/or became more specialised. This meant our total range had expanded, but the categories we traditionally implemented had remained the same. 

New category


As a total supplier and leading European player in (OTR) tyres, we decided to critically evaluate the agricultural and OTR categories and noticed a bit of overlap. For instance, tyres which did not really belong in either the agricultural or OTR category. We thus introduced a new category to create transparency and added value, and to make things easier for our customers: the new MPT agro industry category.

Responding in time

We decided to allocate tyres differently because we ‘prefer to innovate rather than leave things as they are’. We are a total supplier and have created transparency by dividing our tyres into truck, agricultural, OTR and MPT agro industry segments. From the moment the new category allocation was announced, we have been promoting it by introducing a new brand: MRL

Wide range from the outset

By adding the new category to support existing segments, we are honouring our customer guarantees and making things even easier for customers. They are now able to find tyres a lot faster and we have been able to further expand our comprehensive range and service. Orders can be placed easily via our transparent ordering system. Brands - in a wide range of sizes and profiles - that will accompany MRL in the new category include Barkley, Altura and Superking. All can simply be supplied from stock.