Heuver introduces MRL to European market

-PRESS RELEASE- Following on from its new tyre category, Heuver Tyrewholesale is now introducing a new brand to the European market - Indian tyre brand MRL. It is no coincidence that the brand's tyres fit perfectly within Heuver's new MPT agro industry category. This is Heuver's way of saying that it is a total supplier and is capable of catering to all needs and categories. MRL's tyres, which are available in a range of profiles and dimensions, will allow customers to choose from an even broader range within the new category.

Always ‘best-buy’

“One of our objectives is to always find the ‘best-tyre and best-buy’ for our customers. Also if we introduce a new brand”, says Bertus Heuver, director at Heuver Tyrewholesale. “This is a challenge we always rise to. Our leading position as tyre specialist, as well as intensive customer contact, allows us to feel what is going on in the market. When we announced the new category, which is our fourth, we wanted to reinforce it with a top quality new brand. And that's why we have opted for MRL. Our decision was based on a comprehensive process, featuring a variety of tests. MRL has been active for 60 years, which means it is experienced and able to offer good products at a competitive price. It is thus a great alternative, in keeping with other brands in our new category.

Total supplier

Heuver will be supplying MRL tyres for telescopic handlers and loaders. Some of these tyres will be supplied as OTR tyres, but primarily as tyres for the new MPT agro industry category. Bertus Heuver: “When it comes to OTR tyres, we have been a front-runner in Europe for many years. But we now want to use this new category to distinguish ourselves as a total supplier. Even with the new set up, we will continue to offer our 5 guarantees. This means customers will always be able to do their business quickly and have the best possible customer experience. We expect this clearer set-up to attract more customers.”

MRL tyres in the new category will be available in sizes including 10.5-18 MPT446, 12.5-18 MPT446, 12.5-20 MPT446 and 17.5L-24 MTU428.