Heuver continues to grow and expands warehouse by 60%

-PRESS RELEASE- Although activities have just started on Heuver Tyrewholsale's new and expanded warehouse, its opening date has already been scheduled. The new building will be ready at the start of September, after which Heuver will be able to further improve services and accelerate its logistical process. Extra storage space had already been created in the existing warehouse in 2016. However, due to strong growth, this was not the final solution that Heuver had in mind. The company is now adding a further 16,000 m2 to the back of its existing warehouse, which represents an increase of 60% in one fell swoop.

More stocks, better logistical process

Bertus Heuver, director at Heuver Tyrewholesale: “When we built the new premises back in 2006, we had no idea that we would use almost all of the remaining land eleven years later. But things have moved very quickly in recent years! We are now pleased with the size of our premises. The large new addition to the warehouse, which we started recently, will allow us to maximise the assistance we offer to our customers. In 2006, we started off with 12,000 m2; this was doubled a few years ago and will be pushed to a total of 43,000 m2 thanks to the recent internal expansion and the new extension. This means we can keep tyres in stock and improve speed of delivery in accordance with the needs of our customers. A total of 12 extra loading docks mean we will be able to reinforce and speed up our logistical process. As of September, we will be able to go a step further in continuously surprising our customers and being the most customer-oriented tyre wholesaler.”

Room for further growth

Due to recent growth, it was no longer possible to fully exploit the logistical capacity of the warehouse. The warehouse was 100% full, which hindered effective flow. Bertus Heuver: “The new space will allow us to realise our growth ambitions. But the new building may only meet our needs for a certain period of time. Because, as the old saying goes, ‘if you've got space, you're more likely to fill it’. Naturally, our building activities are sustainable, based on the latest specifications and benchmarks for ‘highly sustainable non-residential construction’. In addition, we have plans to use around 1600 solar panels to generate our own energy. A final decision will be made very shortly.”