Heuver Tyrewholesale strengthens agricultural team

-PRESS RELEASE- Heuver Tyrewholesale is expanding. To effectively manage this growth, the international wholesaler has decided to appoint Enno Schottert as agricultural manager. Enno is ‘home grown’ and has been trained internally. Heuver fully realises the potential of training and promoting people from within the company. This offers many advantages in the competitive tyre sector, because the training process helps to safeguard product and sector know-how as well as company values. This vision is one of the reasons why Heuver has established a strong reputation in Europe and explains why customers trust Heuver as a leading expert in truck, OTR and agricultural tyres.

Working with passion

Bertus Heuver, director at Heuver Tyrewholesale: “Our reputation as European specialist and expert in truck, OTR and agricultural tyres is based on the quality of our staff. We pay a lot of attention to this and always explore the potential of our employees. We give them the required training and are quick to see the results. Enno Schottert is a perfect example of our approach. He is our newly appointed ‘agricultural manager’ and has been involved in OTR sales since 2014. But his ‘passion for agriculture’ means he feels very much at home in his new job. By always selecting passionate specialists, we also get a positive response from customers. They experience their expertise first-hand and also encounter our core values. This is an effective approach for realising our ambition of being the most customer-oriented tyre wholesaler.”

Ample stocks

Enno Schottert (29) sees his position as a mix of challenges: “I grew up on a farm and am familiar with the agricultural sector. This actually explains my passion for farming. I have been involved with tyres since 2004 and have held various sales positions. At Heuver, I have learned everything about tyres and developed a commercial outlook. Technical know-how about products is very important, certainly in the agricultural sector. But the company has this in abundance and is more than pleased to share it. We can meet all demands, which means customers are able to work quickly and efficiently. Thanks to several strong import brands in various markets - like Barkley, Aeolus, Alliance, Altura and SuperKing, we know we can always help our customers. In addition, we always have a comprehensive range of renowned brands. I will now be overseeing everything in my role as agricultural manager, which feels like home because I have actually returned to my roots.”