Impressive extras at Aeolus

Aeolus has claimed a prominent position in the European market for OTR tyres over the past 15 years. Aeolus tyres prove their quality each and every day. Thanks to a sizeable market share in the 9 main markets, Aeolus is now always front-of-mind with customers. This exceptional achievement has been achieved within just fifteen years.

Operating hours guarantee

Our top position can be attributed to the quality of our products, the extras we offer and the quality of our service. As exclusive importer for the main European markets, Heuver Tyrewholesale has a lot of confidence in Aeolus. In the OTR sector, this confidence is reflected in our operating hours guarantee! We make Aeolus tyres even more appealing via the ‘Our Drive to Succeed is Your Benefit’ motto.
But our service also involves answering all your questions. This means our experts will always help you to find an appropriate solution. 

Extra deep profile

In addition, Aeolus also excels when it comes to the profiles on its OTR tyres. This is a real USP because Aeolus always tries to do more than just create a ‘regular’ tyre. For example, L3 profiles have a profile depth which is much deeper than even A brands.
This is another indication of Aeolus’ leading position. When combined with our Maximum Service, this helps to create the ideal conditions for satisfied customers. We offer ‘everything associated with (OTR) tyres’. No matter what you need, we can supply it. And that’s what sets us apart.
We offer the largest range of OTR tyres in Europe: a total range in terms of sizes and profiles, which can always be supplied from stock.

Important in Europe

Our employees have specific knowledge about deployment and sustainability, and offer customers personal assistance. We see your requests as a challenge and are able to offer suitable tyres for every purpose and machine. And this starts by choosing the right casing and profile. We are the leading specialist in Europe on this front. The Aeolus European team exclusively imports Aeolus tyres for the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Denmark, Austria, France, Switzerland and Romania.