Mix & Match

You are probably asking yourself what ‘Mix & Match’ has got to do with tyres? A lot! When you see this option, you will immediately know that you can order more than just Aeolus truck and trailer tyres or Athlete wheels.

Tyre/wheel combination

This tyre/wheel combination between Aeolus and Athlete Wheels offers your customers a top quality product. You can pair tyres and wheels in almost every possible combination (Mix & Match). You can order easily via our web-shop; our professionals will then mount the wheel on to the rim and save you a lot of time.

Ample stock

Aeolus truck tyres are claiming an increasingly prominent place in the market. Their high quality and modern profiles have long since been recognised as decisive factors for their popularity. The tyres can always be delivered quickly at the most competitive price, because we always have ample stock. This applies to all types, including the latest NEO series. Thanks to their good price/quality ratio and excellent durability, Aeolus tyres allow you to offer your customers the ideal opportunity to improve their profits. 

Thoroughly tested wheels

You will be able to create a lasting and effective combination by pairing Aeolus tyres with the new metal rims offered by Athlete Wheels. Athlete wheels have been produced in accordance with the latest standards – also TüV and ISO9001 certified – and have been thoroughly tested. This includes an extensive salt spray test, which has been carried out by DEKRA Automobil GmbH in accordance with DIN and ISO 9227 NSS. The wheels easily withstood 720 hours of exposure to salt spray, and matched testing benchmarks set by similar European rims. We can also supply Athlete wheels from stock in all regular sizes.

So combine Aeolus tyres with Athlete wheels whenever you place an order. We will ensure professional mounting and can deliver the tyres - possibly via a neutral carrier - directly to your customers. This is no problem for us and will allow you to save you a lot of time and effort!

If you order 12 truck tyres and rims now, we will offer you free mounting and a high quality garden fire by Esschert