Barkley and Athlete Wheels - strong together

Barkley has managed to quickly establish a solid reputation since it first introduced its truck and trailer tyres on to the European market. It is one of Heuver Tyrewholesale's in-house brands and, as exclusive importer for Europe, the company has very close ties with the manufacturer. This has resulted in tyres which are constantly developing, in order to meet the very latest requirements.

Mix & Match

Barkley truck and trailer tyres are ideal for combining with the modern metal rims of Athlete Wheels. Under the ‘Mix & Match’ slogan, customers are able to select their combinations personally or with help from our experts. Once you have placed your order via our convenient web-shop, our professionals will start mounting the tyre on to the rim, including high quality valve. And tyres and wheels can always be supplied from stock. It’s a fantastic combination and helps to save you a lot of time. We can even make things easier for you when it comes to delivery, by taking the tyres - possibly via a neutral carrier - directly to your customers. 

Modern profile

All Barkley truck tyres – like the BL203+ for the steering axle and BL806+ for the drive axle – and trailer tyres (including the BLT08+) are characterised by a wide tread. This leads to better kilometrages and is the result of Barkley's efforts when it comes to design, development and state-of-the-art production. The tyres perfectly match preferences and rules in all sectors in the European market; including M+S profiles and 3PMS certification. Barkley tyres are able to distinguish themselves thanks to their competitive price/quality ratio. 

Top quality wheels

Create a fantastic combination by pairing Barkley tyres with metal rims by Athlete Wheels. All Athlete wheels are very modern – also TüV and ISO9001 certified – and have been thoroughly tested. This includes extensive salt spray testing by DEKRA Automobil GmbH in accordance with DIN and ISO 9227 NSS. The wheels easily withstood 720 hours of exposure to salt spray, and matched testing benchmarks set by European rims. This means we can guarantee you the very best price/quality ratio.

If you order 12 truck tyres and rims now, we will offer you free mounting and a high quality garden fire by Essche