Temporarily extra fork-lift trucks at Heuver

-PRESS RELEASE- Although Heuver Tyrewholesale is still busy realising a huge new building, the company has been proactive by purchasing another 3 new fork-lift trucks for the anticipated extra space. This means there will be extra traffic at the existing warehouse until September. The growing stream of orders can now be processed faster, and a total of 17 fork-lift trucks will offer enough capacity for when the new building is ready.

Extra loading docks

“Our new building is progressing gradually”, says Bertus Heuver, director at Heuver Tyrewholesale. “The contours of the 16,000 m2 new building are now clearly visible. But we have started to look even further ahead in the meantime. We will soon have 12 extra loading docks and, in order to quickly get all tyres to the waiting lorries, calculated that we will certainly need another 3 new fork-lift trucks. We have purchased them in the meantime and have already put them into use at our current warehouse. This means we have extra fork-lift trucks on the shop floor, although we can still load and unload tyres in no time at all. The traffic will soon be spread over a total warehouse space of over 40,000 m2.”

More and more tyre sizes

Taking into account the 3 new 2-tonne Linde fork-lift trucks, Heuver has now purchased 6 new fork-lift trucks in the past six months. Naturally, all are electrically driven and have an extra large tyre clamp. This allows us to deal with the increase in (the size of) agricultural tyres. Agricultural tyres are becoming ever larger and heavier. These new fork-lift trucks are Heuver's way of showing that tyres cannot only be grabbed and moved faster and more effectively, but also more safely.