Barkley (already) has them: HL tyres!

Modern trucks require modern tyres. Now that ‘Euro6’ has become the norm for trucks, tyres must also be modified accordingly. And Barkley is at the forefront of developments on this front.

Improved load-bearing capacity

As you may already know, Barkley supplies modern tyres. This includes the HL tyre, which offers extra load-bearing capacity (‘HL = high load’). The tyre is suitable for modern trucks that comply with the Euro6 norm. They are heavier – read: greater load on the axle - so tyres must feature the required properties. But Barkley has already found a solution with its BL203+ HL tyre!

The introduction of Euro-6 engines means greater loads are being placed on front axles. Barkley's HL tyre has thus responded to changing conditions in the market, while retaining the high quality associated with its tyres.

Standard M+S coding

Because the new High Load specifications and M+S coding, the Barkley BL203+ HL is fully up to speed and complies with the strictest norms.

In a highly competitive market segment, the BL203+ HL has now become a desirable alternative with an impressive price/quality ratio. The tyre is available in four sizes: 295/80R22.5, 315/60R22.5, 315/70R22.5 and 315/80R22.5.

Wide tread included

As one of the top 3 Chinese tyre manufacturers, Barkley works very closely with us to develop tyres that meet the latest requirements in every segment. This applies to legal requirements as well as those of customers.

That is why Barkley has included truck tyres in its new PLUS series (‘+’), which features tyres with an extra wide tread. The series also includes new, modern Euro6/HL truck tyres. And that's why Barkley is seen as a true challenger in this market!

Improved efficiency

The tyre's extra wide tread has further improved its efficiency, whether it is mounted on steering axles, drive axles or trailers. In addition, the profiles and rubber compound help to maximise profitability due to extended use. Barkley's new tyre is in great demand among many European users. And Barkley is able to further distinguish itself thanks to a very attractive price/quality ratio.