Heuver Tyrewholesale at least energy-neutral when new-build is completed

-PRESS RELEASE- The warehouse expansion at Heuver Tyrewholesale – where covered storage is being improved by 60% thanks to 16,000m2 new-build – is on schedule. Shortly after the planning application was submitted, Heuver decided to focus heavily on its ecological footprint. That's why over 1,600 solar panels and 6 transformers are being installed. As far as the expected energy yield is concerned, the Hardenberg-based company will soon be at least energy-neutral, even though it has a much larger logistical centre.


Construction activities on the new covered warehouse are going according to plan. This means it will soon be possible to start installing 1,632 solar panels. Bertus Heuver, director at Heuver Tyrewholesale: “When designing the new building, we took time to examine how we could reduce our energy consumption. And the final decision was taken soon after construction work started. After the new premises were classed as a ‘very sustainable utility building’, it only made sense to maximise the efficiency of our energy management. We are already implementing CSR-based solutions in many areas. So placing solar panels on our huge roof is in keeping with our existing vision. We decided to aim high and become at least energy-neutral. But we expect to generate more than we actually consume, so the excess will be returned to the grid.”

Massive project

Based on calculations, the 1,600+ panels, which are connected to 6 transformers, will generate over 366 thousand kilowatt hours each year. Bertus Heuver: “My head starts spinning when I see the figures. 1,632 panels, a yield of 366 thousand kilowatt hours, installed capacity of 430 kWp, used roof surface of 2,650 m2; it's quite an undertaking. But we have to play our role in helping the environment. And this was the perfect opportunity because solar power can make a very positive contribution.”