Versatile Aeolus AE74 transport tyre now available in size 600/55R26.5

-PRESS RELEASE- Aeolus has added an extra size to its popular AE74 transport tyre series. The new 600/55R26.5 tyre, which has a full-metal casing, represents the next step in this complete series of transport tyres. Extra sizes will also be released in the future. Aeolus has been fully rewarded for introducing the Aeolus AE74 two years ago, with the multi-purpose transport tyre quickly becoming a popular choice. Just like the equally popular AE77, this flexible and versatile transport tyre can be used on vehicles like silage trucks and slurry tanks.

Heavy loads at low tyre pressure

“Tractors and agricultural machinery in the farming sector continue to increase in size and methods continue to change”, says Enno Schottert, product manager Agriculture at Heuver Tyrewholesale. “Aeolus has quickly responded to this by releasing the AE74 transport tyre in a new size - 600/55R26.5. In order to transport products in fields and on the roads, tyres must be able to meet the needs associated with high performance, minimum soil compaction and high load-bearing capacity. The versatile Aeolus AE74 transport tyre is perfect for road transport and has a particularly low rolling resistance. This leads to lower fuel consumption and better performance. Its strong, flexible metal casing is perfect when combining high loading-bearing capacity with low tyre pressure. This helps to prevent soil compaction and results in stable driving behaviour. In the same way as the successful AE77, the flexibility, durability and multi-purpose application of the AE74 make it very popular in the OEM market.” 

Fast delivery

By adding the new size (600/55R26.5) to the AE74 series, Aeolus is now able to offer a suitable solution for almost every need in the transport tyre segment. The latest tyre, with its full-metal radial casing, is immediately available from stock at Heuver.

The complete AE74 series is now available in the following sizes:
- 560/60R22.5
- 600/50R22.5
- 600/55R26.5

The range of sizes available for the AE74 will soon be expanded to include the 650/55R26.5, 710/50R26.5 and 750/60R30.5.