Warehouse expansion guarantees 100% confidence in your tyres

You will never regret choosing us! Our vastly expanded warehouse now offers us over 60% more sheltered storage capacity. At the end of October, we expanded from 27,000 m2 to 43,000 m2 to make sure we can continue honouring delivery-related promises. This means you can have complete confidence in your tyres.

More volume and more diversity

In recent years, we have grown considerably on several fronts. And we have responded to this with our new extension, which now gives us storage capacity of 43,000 m2 in Hardenberg.
This expansion was badly needed considering increases in customer numbers, overall volume and variety in our range. Everything we do is aimed at offering an excellent service, and includes honouring delivery-related promises. We had to expand our warehouse so people could continue to quickly and conveniently do business with us. We always keep a lot of tyres in stock, which means our products can be delivered very quickly. This means your tyres will be delivered very quickly. That's what customer focus is about in our opinion. 

Certainty about your order

The web-shop is linked directly to our modern logistical system, which means one of our 17 electrical fork-lift trucks will get your order ready in no time at all. And you will also be able to see the latest stocks when placing your order. This offers you certainty about the tyres you require. That's something you can count on! 

Environment awareness

Another advantage of this major expansion was that it offered us the opportunity to use a huge solar panel installation to make our building energy neutral. We already implement CSR-based solutions in many areas. So installing solar panels and becoming energy neutral was fully in keeping with our vision. We eventually installed in excess of 1600 solar panels. This was the perfect opportunity to play our part in creating a healthy environment.