Heuver proudly launches new agriculture book

-PRESS RELEASE- Sharing knowledge about agricultural tyres via the ultimate guide

Heuver Tyrewholesale has developed a book about agricultural tyres, which is the ultimate guide for this specific segment. The book has been sent to customers in the agricultural sector in the meantime. This means they now possess all information about agricultural tyres in a handy guide, and will be able to quickly help their customers. Heuver is very proud of the final result, particularly the positive reactions received from customers after the book’s launch.

Independent information about tyres

“The agriculture book, which was carefully compiled together with customers from the agricultural sector, contains all independent information about tyres” says Bertus Heuver, director at Heuver Tyrewholesale. “We like to share our knowledge and do everything to make things as transparent as possible for customers. That is why we have displayed all technical data about tyres in neatly divided sections. Every application has been given its own chapter; clearly marked by handy tabs so each customer can quickly find tyres that suit their specific situation. Besides in-house brands like Aeolus and Barkley, the book also contains premium brands and other brands. This means customers are much better placed to make a comparison between available agricultural tyres.”

Knowledge sharing as guarantee

Besides containing our complete range of agricultural tyres, the book also shares a lot of knowledge. We have worked with customers from the sector to compile a comprehensive overview about IF/VF/CFO/CHO technologies, soil compaction, double wheel assembly, the ideal tyre pressure and a lot more. Our agriculture book has thus become the ultimate guide, and we are very proud of it. Heuver believes it has a duty to share its extensive professional knowledge, says Bertus Heuver: “It is one of the five guarantees we offer to our customers. We will always help customers with their questions, but also like sharing information proactively. Naturally, we also show what Heuver stands for and what we can offer to customers! We continue to receive positive reactions from customers. And that is always our objective.”