Double-air assembly

Why should you opt for double air? Double air, which is also referred to as double assembly, involves spreading the load over several tyres, better spreading soil pressure and improving tractive force.

Opt for dual wheel for lower load per tyre

This will certainly help to reduce track-forming and soil compaction. However, in order to maximise the effect, tyre pressure must be adjusted. Only then will double assembly offer clear benefits. This can be attributed to the three-way relationship between load, speed and air pressure. It also offers benefits for the driver: double assembly help to improve the tractor’s stability. One of the downsides of double air is that it makes machines wider.
We are an independent supplier of all available double air systems. Please feel free to ask us for advice about these systems. We can supply what you need and possess the knowledge needed to offer the required assistance.

Other ways to protect your soil include:

  • Using the right tyre pressure;
  • Using IF, VF and CFO tyres;
  • Using a tyre inflation system.