EM specialist Heuver Tyrewholesale decides to participate in Intermat 2012

For the first time in its history, Heuver Tyrewholesale has decided to present a stand at Intermat 2012 - one of the largest equipment shows in the world. The EM tyre specialist from Hardenberg (Netherlands) aims to make an immediate impact and will be displaying its full range of brands. Positive developments expected in the international construction sector in 2012 are the main reason why Heuver has decided to make an appearance in Paris.

International stage 
Heuver Tyrewholesale is one of the leading specialists in Europe in the field of earth moving tyres. This has resulted in a dominant position in this segment, although the company still wants to profile itself in an even more emphatic manner. Director Bertus Heuver: “We have a very strong foothold in the market for earth moving tyres. We also pay very close attention to the relationship with our customers - the tyre dealers. They see us as a reliable partner that honours the principles of business by not supply to end users. We have strong strategic partners in many countries. However, we are still looking for a few partners in France. Exploratory discussions are currently taking place to create a network with complete coverage.” 

Bertus Heuver: “Our customised strategic approach in the international construction sector is also suitable for our new collaborations. Until now, we had not specifically focused on this. But we feel at home in the equipment market. Because of the extensive tyre-related knowledge we have amassed over the years, we thought we could and should be doing more. Intermat is one of the large international stages where all ambitious players in the market must be represented. This will be the first time we will be attending Intermat and we have very high expectations." 

All brands
Bertus Heuver adds: “Although the construction sector in the Netherlands is not yet looking too promising, a degree of optimism appears to have returned in 2012 at international level. We want to establish ourselves in the construction sector and show what we have to offer. We already operate at international level and possess all renowned A and B brands, as well as our own renowned import-brands of earth moving tyres. Thanks to our transparent methods and competitive prices, we have a great deal of confidence when going up against our competitors in the European market.  We think a great deal of growth can be generated in this particular area. All our brands will be on show at Intermat. It will thus be a comprehensive range, as one would expect from a specialist. We hope this approach will convince many international customers to commit themselves to our products.