Heuver wants to increase digital advantage via extra country extensions and renewed web-shop

By dividing the website into multiple exclusive country extensions and by renewing its web-shop, Heuver Tyrewholesale wants to increase it digital advantage. The heuver.com website was already very international. But Heuver has now acquired additional domain extensions for Germany, France and the Netherlands. This will help to significantly improve findability, accessibility and convenience. At the same time, the web-shop has also become more user-friendly - thanks to the personalised offers - and the Tyre deals on the homepage are a completely new initiative.

Exclusive rights
“Our customers can immediately benefit from the individual country sites and all other modifications that help to improve convenience”, states director Bertus Heuver. “Plus, the homepage also features ‘Tyre deals’. Tyre deals are special offers where we offer additional benefits if a certain number of tyres are purchased.”
In recent years, Heuver Tyrewholesale has seen a gradual increase in visitor numbers and orders via its web-shop. This has helped the tyre importer and distributor to establish a leading position in terms of the internet. As part of the strategic decision to further expand the number of online orders, Heuver also worked hard to acquire individual country extensions for its website. In the meantime, the company has acquired exclusive rights for extensions for the Netherlands, Germany and France.
Bertus Heuver: “The existing heuver.com site has – without losing information or possibilities – been divided so that users in these countries can find the information they require via heuver.nl, heuver.de or heuver.fr.”

Personalised web-shop
Bertus Heuver continues: “We are in our sector's Premier League and want to be pushing for the top places. That is why we are always looking to improve, to the benefit of our customers. With the new sites already up and running, our web-shop is also undergoing a remarkable improvement. The shop has become more user-friendly, which means specific tyres are now even easier to find. Offers are personalised based on order history and customer profile, which makes the promotions even more appealing. This gives our customers an extra advantage, whereby allowing them to further improve their cost management.  Naturally, we want our customers to benefit from these new features by earning extra points for the bonus shop - which is a major success by the way."