Aeolus Tyres expects European tyre label to improve market dynamics

Aeolus Tyres believes mandatory European tyre labels will provide extra opportunities in the market. Although labelling is aimed at making road transport safer, more efficient and more environment-friendly, Aeolus believes labels will also help to challenge established brand reputations. These labels and Aeolus' renowned quality, kilometre performance and life span benefits will give users greater confidence in basing their decision-making on price. “The buying process will become more transparent and all tyre brands will have the same opportunities”, states Bertus Heuver.

More honest competition
“The European tyre label gives everyone an equal footing, whereby existing reputations will no longer be the sole consideration”, states Bertus Heuver, director of Heuver Tyrewholesale. “We expect labelling to result in a more transparent buying process, with greater opportunities for young brands like ours. Favourable label scores, together with specific Aeolus values like quality, innovation, environment-friendly production and sustainability, will allow us to offer users a comprehensive range of competitive tyres.  This will convince even more users about Aeolus' position as The Leading Alternative. Naturally, Aeolus will also continue playing a major role in helping companies to optimise their efficiency. In the meantime, they know that Aeolus only delivers the tyres they require."

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