Heuver: 2012 ended positively, ample opportunities for 2013

Despite difficulties in the market, Heuver Tyrewholesale managed to end 2012 on a positive note. Bearing in mind market conditions, there is a sense of satisfaction at the international tyre company. Prices had been under pressure for a variety of reasons, which resulted in unrest and a cut-throat market place. However, Heuver has managed to retain its market penetration. In 2013, Heuver will focus on expanding the Aeolus (by Heuver) range and will explore opportunities presented by new markets and segments. Heuver will also use its focus on customers to further enhance the positive image it has already established.

Focus on customers
“The market started slowly in 2012”, states Bertus Heuver, director Heuver Tyrewholesale. “We had amassed relatively high stock levels, but the market eventually kicked into gear after Reifen Essen. The trends highlighted by the ING Economic Bureau – zero growth in the transport sector (instead of shrinkage) and growth in the agricultural sector - support our view that 2013 will offer ample opportunities. In 2013, our vision will be characterised by focus on customers: their interests and wishes will be given an even more prominent position in our approach. If you want to achieve growth, every customer must feel the centre of attention. Investing in customers is the best way to establish lasting relationships. For instance, we will be further strengthening internal wholesale structures by opting for country-specific teams within the administration and sales departments. There will also be fixed contact persons, which will help to realise more transparent coordination with customers.”

Consolidation and new initiatives
Bertus Heuver: “Aeolus managed to retain its market share in the truck market in 2012, while also firmly holding ground in the EM market. We are also consolidating our position in the agricultural sector. Although 2013 has got off to a slow start, we will be placing a great deal of emphasis on our Aeolus house brand and will do everything to identify extra customer benefits. The important factors for Aeolus are the Second Life concept, the clear names given to specific tyre types and fast delivery thanks to our distribution centre in Bayreuth.”
“Since January, we have done more to upgrade our transport conditions, which means free delivery is more widely available. Via our products and services, customers see how our passion for the job is a characteristic that is unique to Heuver. We will retain this focus and will continue to work on expanding our range. We have already started to establish new and exclusive dealerships for our sales regions and aim to offer the best possible service to customers."