News on all fronts for Heuver Tyrewholesale at Reifen Essen 2014

Heuver Tyrewholesale will be using Reifen Essen 2014 to reveal many new developments in the truck & trailer, EM and agricultural sectors. The stand (Hall 2, number 2E48) features the latest Aeolus developments – some of which will only be available later - and a lot of news about Maxfield, LingLong and Athlete Wheels. At the same time, Heuver will be explaining why it has adopted a geography-based market strategy, and which benefits this offers to customers. “As an important player at the top of the tyre sector, we know a lot of eyes will be focused on us this year”, states Bertus Heuver, director of Heuver Tyrewholesale.

Service without restrictions
“In the past, our market strategy placed equal emphasis on products and customers”, says Bertus Heuver. “However, we have started to make different choices in 2014. While products remain as effective and reliable as ever, customers have now become our number one priority. We want to be the most customer-oriented tyre company around. Only the best will be good enough for our customers: the best attention, the best service, the best professionals and the best terms and conditions. That is why we have adopted a geography-based market strategy rather than focusing solely on products. This means customers will be able to ask questions in their own language. And by expanding our team, we now employ many multi-lingual specialists. This is the best way to offer our services without restrictions. We are not concerned about what others are doing, and have selected our own approach by doing what's important: looking at what customers want.”

New developments at Aeolus
Bertus Heuver: “Reifen Essen 2014 is the best platform for informing customers, about our new approach, as well as the latest tyres in the truck & trailer, EM and agricultural segments. This includes the latest Aeolus ATR33 trailer tyre, which will be previewed at ‘Reifen’. We expect this tyre to be available at the end of the year. The tyre features 4-layer strip technology and a new profile that meets all European standards. It will be presented along with the improved Aeolus ATL67 mega trailer tyre, the new Aeolus AR28 crane tyre and the Aeolus ASW80 winter tyre for steering axles. Naturally, we will also be showcasing popular Aeolus tyres like the ADR69, ADC53, AE77 and AGB20. They prove that Aeolus is The Leading Alternative.” Visitors will experience exactly how well Heuver performs its role as specialist and all-rounder in the wholesale sector. This will be done by displaying tyres by Altura (agricultural tyres) and LingLong (radial tractor tyres), metal wheel rims by Athlete Wheels and our own ‘second life’ EM brand, Maxfield.