Heuver genuinely focuses on customers via national teams and geography-based marketing

Heuver Tyrewholesale is intensifying its geography-based marketing strategy by introducing special national teams and fixed contact persons. This new geography-based approach will also include the appointment of new professionals. As a result, focus will shift from products to customers. As the most customer-oriented tyre wholesaler, that is the goal Heuver hopes to realise. This will be done via fixed points of contact at home and abroad who - literally - speak the customer's language. They will be familiar with the entire product range and will quickly and effectively assist customers. These national teams now cover all of Heuver's permanent European catchment area.

New course via geographic thinking
“When we expanded our activities throughout Europe, the saying ‘if you continue doing what you did, you'll receive what you received” came to mind, states Bertus Heuver, director Heuver Tyrewholesale. “This step resulted in a shift from product-based thinking to geography-based thinking. It immediately placed focus on our customers and is allowing us to add substance to our goal of being the most customer-oriented wholesaler. And this is only possible if you speak to customers in their own language. From now on, all customers will arrange their affairs via a fixed employee in the sales and field departments at Heuver. The ability to offer 100% service also gives a boost to our employees. Naturally, we will be using internal knowledge transfer to keep staff informed about our products. Having taken this step for Germany, Poland and Great Britain, we now have extra professionals available to deal with the phases that follow.”

Language barriers eliminated
Julie Turreff (33) has been added to the French-speaking sales office team as sales representative for wholesalers. Being a French citizen who lives in Germany, she is a true 'European' with long-standing experience in the French market, which makes her a great addition to the team. Danail Rosnev (39) has started as account manager for countries that border with Heuver's permanent European catchment area. He primarily focuses on Russia, the Baltic Countries, Bulgaria, Spain and Greece. Via market research, acquisition and market development, we will improve commercial prospects for wholesale activities in these countries. Danail also speaks no fewer than seven languages. In the meantime, the Polish team, with Krzysztof Załuski responsible for field activities and Aleksandra Wojtysiak (29) responsible for the sales office, has also entered the market. Harriet Wang (36) has also recently reinforced our ranks as purchaser. She has many years of purchasing experience and a lot of knowledge about the Chinese culture and language. Because 50% of Aeolus' imports come from Asia, Wang’s input is essential.