Heuver Tyrewholesale offers 11.75-22.5 ET120 wheel rim (5,000 kg) by Athlete Wheels

In response to trends in the European (OE) trailer sector, Heuver Tyrewholesale will now be supplying the new 5,000 kg wheel rim by Athlete Wheels from stock. Now that all major tyre manufacturers are offering a modern 385/65R22.5 trailer tyre with a load capacity of 164K (5,000 kg), manufacturers of wheel rims have to follow suit. Athlete Wheels is the first non-European brand to add a - fully tested – 11.75-22.5 ET120 wheel rim (5,000 kg) to its range. As exclusive importer of Athlete Wheels, Heuver is also introducing new wheel rims in sizes 11.75-19.5 and 11.75-22.5 ET135.

Tyre and wheel rim solution

“We always keep a close eye on the market. And we immediately report the latest trends and customer preferences to companies that manufacturer our offered brands”, says Bertus Heuver, director at Heuver Tyrewholesale. “We did the same thing when the 385/65R22.5 tyres (with 5,000 kg load capacity) were introduced to the OE trailer market. When you offer good quality tyres, you must make sure the wheel rims are also appropriate. In addition, we like to offer customers a complete tyre and wheel rim solution. During discussions with Athlete Wheels, they soon recognised the importance of a 5,000 kg wheel rim; partly because they are making major strides as an OE supplier. This shows that Athlete has established a firm foothold in the European market and has become a household brand. After extensive testing last year, the new wheel rim has now become available. We are pleased with this addition because it allows us to offer our customers a competitive range of modern tyres and wheel rims.”

Range expanded further

Athlete Wheels has also added other sizes to its range. Bertus Heuver: “In addition to the new 5,000 kg wheel rim, we are also offering a 11.75-19.5 wheel rim - typically for German trailers in size 385/55R19.5 - and a 11.75-22.5 wheel rim with a new ET value of 135. The 19.5 inch wheel rim caters to specific customer needs, while the 11.75-22.5 ET135 wheel rim is suitable for front truck axles by e.g. DAF and Scania. They are great additions to our range.”