Heuver Tyrewholesale refines Tyre app and expects even more digital orders

- PRESS RELEASE - The new web-shop and Tyre app recently launched by Heuver Tyrewholesale have led to a significant increase in digital orders. The Heuver Tyre app has played a major role in this increase and has already been installed more than 1000 times since it was introduced. Heuver has now further refined the technology used in its app. For instance, the app will occupy an even more prominent position in Heuver's multi-channel sales strategy, which also includes the Heuver Tyre book. A lot of customers are using the app to check price and stock-related information when they are on the road.

Flying start
“Although we knew the market was ready for a tyre app, we were still a little worried about whether the service would actually take off”, states Bertus Heuver, director Heuver Tyrewholesale. “But, together with the web-shop, which is now much easier to access via the internet, the new Heuver Tyre app is now making an important contribution. The app has already been downloaded more than 1000 times, with 50% of downloads being made by international customers. During daily use, just over half of these users actually log in, while just under 50% uses the app as a mobile source of information without logging in. In terms of the services we provide, the app is becoming the important information channel we had intended. Because we want to be the most customer-friendly tyre wholesaler around, also when it comes to 'digital' services.”

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Growth triggers refinement in technology
The digital process is very important in Heuver's multi-channel strategy. This is something the international wholesaler realised many years. Bertus Heuver: “At the time, the very first customers were reluctant to place their orders via the web-shop. But, since this time last year, we have noticed a major increase in online orders. We are getting 10% more unique visitors and are realising 6% more volume. During this period, there was a four-fold increase in the number of purchased Tyre deals. This growth has been simultaneous with the introduction of the new web-shop and tyre app. But the traditional sales channel is also continuing to flourish. This growth motivated our decision to refine the Tyre app. Download speed has been improved, use on tablets has been optimised by adding more images and info, and the offline appearance has also been improved. This allows us to offer an even better service to customers. They are now able to fully exploit ‘the convenience of digital’. And that's what customers want.”